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Legends of Hardtrance 2 (Oldschool Vinyl-mix by Yilmars) 1.JENS LISSAT the future, 2.JENS MAHLSTEDT loops & tings, 3.OXL listening comprehension test, 4.MANDALA astralia, 5.THE ALTERNATIVE CREATORS sound creation, 6.SOUND STRUCTURE no limits, 7.TIMO MAAS & GARY D die herdplatte, 8.JONES & STEPHENSON the first rebirth, 9. DJ HITCH-HIKER & DJ JACQUES DUMONT a new dimension, 10.NU LOVE agony, 11.GARY D world wide web, 12.RAVELAB seeing is believing, 13.FÜNF FREUNDE blop, 14.ACCUFACE on your own, 15.ALZHEIMER PROJEKT move, 16.ABET the sweetest song, 17.PLASTIC ENEMY bulldozer

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