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Gary D. Tribute Mix † Remembering A Legend

R.I.P. Gerald Malke (Gary D). This mix was created to celebrate the life and legacy of the man who practically built the European hard trance scene. His music forever lives on in our hearts. I have placed some social media posts from Gary’s friends in the description below. One of the saddest days of the Hamburg club history. I'm always still too shocked to find the right words! Gary, is no longer so be anything without you, as it was! The result is a huge big gap. Thank you, I was allowed to accompany you in all these years and thanks that you put me in the tunnel at the time. Thus, you had started my career. I'm going to miss you! Rock the trance heaven and we meet again sometime. Rest in peace, my friend! -DJ Dea R.I.P. Gary 138 D Malke.... Rave on in heave -Timo Maas SHOCKED. I cant believe it. One of my hard trance heroes GARY D, such an amazing producer, has died. RIP. I played so many of his tracks back in the 90's. TBH the whole hard trance movement exploded then, because of this guy. I just can't believe it. I'm so so sad right now. -Mark E.G. One of the biggest of the earliest trance-scene is gone. We shall remember him in best memory and express here our most sincere condolences to his Family! R.I.P. Gary, will met you in heaven... -DJ Lee RIP Gary D Thx for everything... your great music, your great person, and everything you did for the scene.. You will be be missed My friend... -Dizmaster RIP Gerald Mahlke aka DJ Gary D. I'm still absolutely speechless and sad to hear about his passing. He was one of the true Trance and Hard Trance pioneers and one of the nicest and most down to earth guys I've ever known in the scene. We both had so many gigs together starting in the mid 90s at the Tunnel Club in Bremen and Hamburg and on rave parties until today and it was always remarkable and amazing. I'll never forget his buck fever and excitement every time before his gigs. Very often he said: "Marlon, I'm so nervous. I don't know what to play!" Then I just told him: "Gary, don't worry - you'll make it! You always make it!" And in the end he always absolutely rocked the floor with his remarkable sound and mix! And even in the very rare moments when his set didn't work out the way he planned (as the perfectionist that he was) he never considered himself too good or too famous to just ask the resident DJ of the club to give him his records (the ones that would definitely work in that particular location) to give the crowd a great time . That's what made him such a true professional DJ who's motto always was: "I want the partypeople to have a great time. They came and paid for it. They expect it and they deserve it after an exhausting week of work."... while other famous DJs just ignore the demands of the crowd. I remember whenever I had a set (DJ or live-act) right after his, he always prepared my gig by playing more "accufacey" stuff at the end of his own set to get the people into the mood. Another great example of his sense of consideration was in 2002 when we played together on a big rave event in my hometown in Bremen. I had a strong cold but decided to play that DJ set (the show must go on...) when he saw me suffering on stage. After 15 minutes he came up to me and offered to take over my set so I could go home to get better. That's what he did because I was about to collapse. He always cared and never had any attitudes like so many others. So many memories are rushing back into my head now. Gary - You will never be forgotten! Legends never die! My most sincere condolences go out to his family (especially his wife Nicole) and his friends. -Accuface ______________________________________________ This video is for non-profit entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement intended. All content is property of its respective owner/s.

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